In order for families to no longer receive contract reminder notifications, there are four options:

Navigate to onBoard> People Finder> Contracts and:

  1. Delete the contract by clicking on the trash can icon to the right of the contract name (this will affect reporting)
Click the Edit/pencil icon to the right of the contract name and:
  1. Mark the 'Not Returning' flag/date
  2. Mark the 'On Hold' flag/date
  3. Expire the contract from the student's profile by entering an expiration date in the 'Expire Date' field

Data for 'Not Returning' students can be viewed via:

  1. onBoard> Lists> Contracts> Choose Columns> check the 'Not Returning' box and 'Apply Changes'
  2. onBoard> Analyze> Reports> ReEnrollment: Contract Summary Totals
  3. Within an Advanced List, using the 'Not Returning' item from the Admissions> Contract object