With the Senior Systems Data Integration, data syncs from one database to another and even creates users in your site's database based on the users in Senior Systems database.

Sometimes these users will not be created and left on the user matching screen.  This issue can occur if:

  • There is no WebUserID in the Senior Systems Database for the user.
  • The user's first and last name match another user's.
  • The birthdate is incorrectly entered, causing the birthdate to appear as if it is before January 1, 1753.
    • Note: If the birthdate is entered in shorthand (i.e. 02/14/03) this could be improperly converted in Senior Systems to 02/14/1003 instead of 02/14/2003.

In these scenarios, a user should be created manually then matched with the pending user on the User Matching screen.

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