Navigate to:

  1. onCampus >Settings >Personnel Types.
  2. Click +Add Type button.
  3. Type the Dorm Supervisor Title your school would like to use and select "Dorm Supervisor."
  4. Click Save.
Dorm Type examples: 
  • Dorm Parent
  • Dorm Supervisor
  • Dorm Administrator

Once your personnel type is created you are ready to add the leaders to their respective dorms.

  1. onCampus >Procedure >Dorm >Dorms.
  2. Click the Dorm Leaders button to manage all the dorm leaders at once 
  1. Click the individual dorm name and the Manage Leaders button to add a new leader.
  2. In either case, you'll want to start typing the person's name you wish to add as the dorm leader in the text box labeled +Add Dorm Leaders and select the user when they populate.  Make sure to mark one user as the Head of the dorm.
  3. Click Save.

**Note:  Dorm Leaders must be employed as Dorm Supervisor in order to have full editing capabilities on the dorm group page.