To add individual historic grades from a Transfer school, you first need to ensure the student has a Transfer School Year entered on their record. To do this: 

  1. Navigate to Core > Users > Edit user profile data
  2. Search for and open the profile of the transferring student
  3. In the System Information channel, click Student Enrollment. If you see a Transfer School (denoted by Italics) then you can proceed to add/edit Transfer grades; if not, follow the steps below:
  4. Click Enroll in Transfer
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Transfer School: Select the student's transfer school from the list of existing schools, or click Add New to enter a new transfer school
    • School Year: Select the year in which the student was enrolled
    • Grade: Select the grade in which the student was enrolled
    • Enroll Date: Enter the date the student enrolled in the school
    • Depart Date: Enter the date the student left the school
  6. Click Save & Exit

To add/edit historical grades:

  1. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Grades Management > Enter Grade By Student
  2. Using the search/filter on the left, look up the student
  3. Under the student's name in the results, click the View link to the right of Grades & Credits - Transfer
  4. From this screen, you can add/edit historical courses/grades for your school, as well as Transfer school(s) the student has on their Student Enrollment record
Note: If you do not select an equivalent course and enter a Course Title, this will automatically insert a weight of 1 for the Transfer Course which may affect the GPA calculation.