If the Inquiry Source drop down is blank under Create New Inquiry, this is because Inquiry Sources have not been created under Settings in onboard.

Inquiry Sources are a list of references through which families may have contacted schools regarding applying and being admitted to their institution.  Common inquiry sources are Phone, Website, Walk-in, Open House, etc.

To create Inquiry Sources, do the following:

  1. From the persona menu, select Enrollment Management
  2. Admissions > Admissions Setup
  3. Under Inquiry Forms, Click on Source
  4. source
  6. Click the Add Source
  7. Enter Sort Order (inquiry source types are listed alphabetically unless a sort order is entered).
  8. Enter Inquiry Source (i.e. Phone, Open House, Walk-in, etc.).
  9. Choose Save & Add Another or Save & Exit when all information has been entered.