To access this Report, as the New Teacher, navigate to:

  1. Classes > Select the Class the Student was enrolled into
  2. Select the Gradebook Tab
  3. Click Reports > Grades for Dropped Courses
  4. Select the Marking Period and click Generate Report

The reason the Gradebook Grades do not transfer over to the new teacher's Gradebook is the system does not know what the assignment types will equate to in the new teacher's Gradebook.

If a student is changing sections after completing a term the term grades will remain for the past section. However if a student changes sections in the middle of the term the new teacher will need to add the previous section assignment grades if part of the Gradebook cumulative.

In order to 'calculate' final gradebook grades in the new section, all prior/complete terms for the current year will need to be brought into the new section's gradebook as well otherwise the current Teacher will need to manually calculate their gradebook grades vs using the Calculate function within the system.