In order to update or change the task settings for each of these roles, you will need to do the following:

  1. Start from your Core persona.
  2. Navigate to Security > Roles.
  3. Select the Student or Parent role link.
  4. From the Role channel on the left, click the Tasks link.
  5. Click Edit in the upper right corner.
  6. Locate the Online Signup tasks.
    • Check the box for Edit Requests to allow the role to edit Course Requests
    • Check the box for Selection Order Save Parent/Student to allow the role to view Course Requests.
    • Check the box for View Requests to allow the role to view Course Requests.
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  1. Click Save & Exit to save any changes made.

You will want to perform these steps for both the Parent and Student roles, to determine which roles can View and or Edit Course Requests.

*Note: Both tasks, Selection Order Save Parent/Student and View Requests, must be checked/activated for Parents to be able to see Course Requests in their child's profile.