Some schools like to allow Teachers access to course pages prior to the beginning of the school year to give the opportunity to build Bulletin Boards, create Topics, and add Assignments.

To set up group page access, do the following:

  1. In the persona menu, go to Core > Security > Group Page Access.
  2. Change the school year to the upcoming school year
  3. Click +Add Access
  4. Mark the Teacher(s) of Class Role
  5. Click Save & Exit.

Once Group Page Access is correctly set up, Teachers can then navigate to their classes for the upcoming school year by going to:

  1. In the Faculty persona, click on Resources.
  2. In the Group Finder, click on View All.
  3. Under the My Groups tab, change the school year to the upcoming school year: All Year
  4. Select the Academic group type.
  5. Click on any courses that appears to enter the course and edit.

Note: The Faculty Resource Board must have Group Finder enabled for teachers to be able to follow the steps above. To enable it, please follow the steps below
  1. As a Platform Manager, go to Core
  2. Select Content > Resource Boards
  3. Set the drop-down menu to Faculty
  4. Search for the Group Finder and click the pencil to edit
  5. Mark all the Resource Boards that should have access
  6. Click Save