Note: Teachers and Nurses can only take Attendance for the current day or previous days. Since a Teacher or Nurse cannot take Attendance for a date in the future, they will not see the Take Attendance button on future days.
Academics/Set Section Info - Review courses and make sure they are offered for the current school year:
  1. Navigate to Academics 
  2. Scheduling >  Request and Schedules 
  3. Click Offer Course
  4. Click on Offer Course
  5. Select the appropriate school year, school level and term using the filters
  6. Click on the appropriate department name to expand the list of available courses
  7. Mark the box next to each course you want to offer
  8. Click Set Section Info
  9. Select the appropriate Year, Level, Term 
  10. Make sure the section identifier, teacher, room and/or block for each course has been entered
  11. Click Save

Academics/Section Schedule - Review Section Schedule to ensure that Meeting Times are entered for each course:

  1. Navigate to Academics 
  2. Click Request and Schedules>  Class Schedule 
  3. Select the appropriate Year, Group Type, School Level and Term
  4. Click View
  5. Click Cycle next to the appropriate sections
  6. Ensure the appropriate meeting time for each day the section meets is selected and change as necessary
  7. Click Save & Exit

Academics/Schedule set - Review the Schedule set to ensure the begin and end dates, and start day are correct:

  1. Navigate to Academics 
  2. Scheduling > Click Schedule Outline 
  3. Select the appropriate School Year, Group Type and School Level
  4. Click the Edit button for the corresponding Schedule set
  5. On the General tab, ensure the Begin and End dates are correct
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the General tab and ensure the Start Day and Start Week values are also correct
  7. Click Save & Close

Academics/Attendance Display - Attendance must be turned on per course in order to display. To verify:

  1. Navigate to Academics 
  2. Click Departments & Courses
  3. Click on the arrow next to the Department name to view the courses associated with that Department
  4. Click the Edit pencil to the right of the course name
  5. On the General tab, verify the Yes button is selected for Attendance
  6. Click Save & Exit

Core/Years & Terms - The term dates for the schedule set's school level must be active:

  1. Navigate to Core 
  2. Settings > Click School Information
  3. Click Years & terms
  4. Verify the End Date of each Academic term does not overlap the Start Date for the next term or extend beyond the School Year end date