Reminder notifications can also be sent to parents who have not submitted their enrollment/re-enrollment contract forms.

First, navigate to Notifications by doing the following:

  1. In the persona menu, go to onBoard.
  2. Click Notifications under Settings.
  3. Change the Category drop down to ReEnrollment (leave Type and Status as All) and click View.
  4. Click Edit for each Notification Action and check the Active check box to activate the Notification to be sent.
  5. Click Save & Exit in each Notification Action to save any changes.

Next, go to Contract Forms to activate Notifications per contract:

  1. Click the Settings button for an existing Contract.
  2. Click the Reminder Notification tab.
  3. In the Reminder Option drop down, choose the number of "days before due" to have the reminder notification sent to Parents prior to the Contract's Due Date (as seen on the General tab).

Note: The "days before due" are hard coded and cannot be changed.

In addition, the Reminder Option can be set up twice to generate two reminder notifications prior to the Contract's Due Date.  

See Can I send out two Reminder Notifications for a Contract? for more information.