To expire a Contract for a Candidate/Student, do the following:

1. In the persona menu, go to Enrollment management.

2. Using People Finder, choose filters to select Role (i.e. Candidate or Student), Contracts, and type in name of child.

3. Click on Profile name to enter Admissions Profile.

4. Under the Contract tab, click the Edit/pencil icon for the existing Contract.

5. Enter a date in the Expire Date field to "remove" the Contract from the Parents' Dashboard.

6. Scroll down and mark the check box Not Returning and click Save.

Note: The Not Returning check box does not affect the display of the existing Contract.  This is only for internal reporting purposes.

For more information regarding the Not Returning check box, please review the article, Why are families still receiving a contract reminder notification when they have been marked not returning?