A published step will be shown with a blue check mark for Candidate. If you want to change this setting so the item is not published:
  1. go to Enrollment Management
  2. Admissions > Admissions Setup
  3. Click on Checklists > click Edit for your Checklist
  4. Select Edit to go into the setting to remove the publish option
  5.  Scroll down to the Candidate Publishing Options  and click on No
  6. Click Save

Note: If you receive the message: "There are existing candidates tied to this checklist. The changes made to this checklist can only be applied to candidates who already have this Step on their checklist." You can still  un-publish the item:

  1.  Change Candidates > Yes >
  2. Select the Years to change it for
  3. Scroll down to the Grade Levels to change it for that Checklist > Save.

The message you are receiving is because you are making a change to a checklist that is tied to multiple candidates and years, so it is asking if where you want to make those changes.