For example, in the Reminder Option, select "7 days before the due" to send out a notification 7 days prior to a Contract due date.  Once this date passes, go back into the Reminder Option and change the notification and select "2 days before due". This will send out a second Contract Reminder Notification to constituents.

To set up Reminder Notifications, do the following:

1. In the persona menu, go to onBoard.

2. Under Settings, select Contract Forms.

3. Click the Settings button for an existing Contract.

4. Click the Reminder Notification tab.

5. In the Reminder Option drop down, choose the number of "days before due" to have the reminder notification sent to Parents prior to the Contract's Due Date (as seen on the General tab).

6. After the original "days before due" time frame has past, go back into the Reminder Notification tab and change the Reminder Option to a different "days before due".

Note: The "days before due" selections are hard coded and cannot be changed.