To Make the Consultant Relationship Type Active:

  1. Go to Core
  2. Users > Click User profile settings 
  3. Click Relationship Types
  4. Click Edit 
  5. Mark the relationship as Active
  6. Click Save


To Add the Consultant to the Students' Record:

  1. Go to Core
  2. Users> Click Edit User Profile Data
  3. Search for the user by last name or any other field > Click Search
  4. Click the user 
  5. Under Relationships, select Add.
  6. Search for the student, and add the relationship type of Consultant Student and select Parental Access but do not select List as Parent.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Once steps 1-6 have been completed, while still on the education consultant's profile, scroll to the bottom and click Select information to be published in the online community.
  9. Click Edit.
  10. Select Do not include my name, or any information about me in the directory.
  11. Click Save.


This will prevent the user from displaying the directory, however if relationships are visible on the contact card, the education consultant will display there.