How do I add a decision type?

Admissions Managers can define the terminology that is used for school decisions (e.g. accepted, wait listed, denied) and for candidate responses (e.g. accept, decline). For each decision type, Admissions Managers can enter a custom message that prospective families will see on the Decision page in the community. Managers can also associate a mail merge letter with each decision type.

To Add a Decision Type: 

  1. From the persona menu, select Enrollment Management.
  2. Select Admissions > Admissions Setup > Decision Types. 
  3. Click Add decision type.
  4. Enter the School Decision (e.g. Accepted).
  5. Select the equivalent Decision Type.
  6. Use the available placeholders to create a Custom Message.
  7. Select the appropriate Mail Merge Template (optional).
  8. Select the appropriate Display Options.
  9. Add correlating Candidate Decisions (think of this as a Candidate Response to the Decision) 
  10. To give the candidate the ability to respond online with their decision from their decision tab, click the Publish checkbox across from the Candidate Decision. Published candidate decisions will appear for the Candidate under a button labeled Let us know your decision.
  11. Save
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