First, you'll need to upload the image to the "Misc Files" section.
  1. Go to School Website > Content > Additional Content Types > Uploads
  2. Click Add
  3. Be sure to choose the correct file type from the drop down (in this example we will use a .png image)
  4. Click Choose File and upload the desired photo
  5. Click Save & Exit

After uploading the file you will see it at the top of the list. Underneath the description will be a line that says: File path to link this file, followed by an address in this format:

 /ftpimages/236/misc/misc_79020.png (the actual file name will be unique for every upload)




  • Next, combine this link with your site address so it becomes:

  • Edit the text category where the picture will be displayed, either through School Website > Content > Additional Content Types > Text, or directly from the page you are editing.

<img src="put your link between these quotes" height="a number" width="a number">

  • Open the text editor and click on the html button. Embedding an image requires a special tag in this format:
  • The height and width values are optional, if you remove these completely such as:<img src="put your link between these quotes"> then the image will display at whatever size it was originally saved.
  • Don't be afraid to adjust these values as you can save and adjust as many times as necessary. Be aware that when adjusting your values, the Aspect Ratio needs to be maintained.
  • The complete tag entered into the html channel will look like this:

<img  src="" height="225" width="650">

  • This same format applies if the image is hosted on another website. Simply replace the URL in the tag with the URL of the image you would like to embed.
  • If you link to an image hosted on a third party website, there is no guarantee as to when this image will be removed. We recommend hosting your images in our system whenever possible.