To drop a student from a course:

  1. Navigate to onCampus > People > Academics > Manage Enrollment.

  2. In the Select Filter Options channel on the left, filter for the appropriate School Year, School Level, Grade Level, and/or use the Search drop down to locate the student.
  3. Click Find.

  4. Click View to the right of the student's name.

  5. Click the Drop link to the right of any course you would like to drop the student from. 

  6. Select the reason for dropping (in this scenario, you would want to select Scheduling Error) and enter the Drop/Change date.

  7. Click Save & Exit.


You also have the option to Disable/Lock the student's account so they are unable to log in and see their schedules. You can then re-enable the account when you are ready to allow the student to log in.

To disable/lock a user's account:

  1. Navigate to Core > Users/Access > Profile.

  2. Search/select the user you want to disable the account for.

  3. Scroll down to the Sign In Information channel.

  4. Click Edit in the upper right corner of the Sign In Information channel.

  5. Check off the box to the right of "Disabled/Locked."
  6. Click Save & Exit.

This will prevent the user from logging in until their account has been unlocked.