To remove Course Page Access:

​As of 7/1/2015, Group Page Access has been re-coded. Please click here for details on how to set up Group Page Access.

This will remove access to the course information, until you re-grant access to Students and Parents. 

To Remove Group Page Access navigate to:

onCampus > Settings > Group Page Access

  1. Select the School year and School Level you wish to modify
  2. Hover over the Date for the Role you would like to temporarily remove access to the Schedule,
  3. Click the editing pencil and change the date to the date you want the Role to start having access to the Group Page/Courses List

To remove Schedule Access:

  1. Navigate to onRecord > Settings > Schedule Sets.
  2. Filter the appropriate School Year, Group and School Level.
  3. Click the yellow pencil/edit icon to the right of the schedule set you want to remove access to.
  4. Under Access Dates, make sure that Parents and Students do not have access dates, or that they are set in the future, then click Save & Close.


To disable the Schedule Report:

Students are able to see the schedule report by going to My Day > Schedule > select Month view > click the Reports icon in the upper right corner, and select the schedule report to run. 

Parents can see this by logging in as a parent, and selecting their Child from the upper right of their navigation. Then by clicking Schedule, then selecting the "View Full Schedule" link to the upper right of the schedule. This will bring them to the Month view of the schedule, where they can click the same Reports icon, and select a schedule report.

  1. To disable this report, go to go to  any product persona and select  Analyze > Reports > Report Admin
  2. From the Category drop down, select: Schedule -- Student Reports
  3. Locate the "Student Year Enrollment Matrix (by Block)" report.
  4. Click the "Role" link to the right of the report (below "Run").
  5. Under the Selected Roles channel, select the Parent and Student roles (if they are listed), then click the << Remove From Group link below.
  6. Click Save & Exit.

This will remove access to schedule reports, until you give access back when you are ready for your Parents and Students to see schedule reports.