If the inquiry form is used, candidates can be assigned to staff members in the Process Inquiries task.

If the application form is used, candidates can be assigned to staff members in the Needs Checklist task.

To assign an Admissions Staff member from the Candidate's detail page:

  1. Navigate to Enrollment management > Find A Candidate search > Select Candidate.

  2. Go to the Record tab of the Candidate profile.

  3. To the right of Candidate Information, click the yellow pencil/Edit icon.

  4. From the Admissions Staff drop-down, select the appropriate Admissions Staff member.

  5. Click Save.

Assign Admissions Staff via the Re-Assign Candidates task:

  1. Navigate to Enrollment mangement > Admissions > Admissions Management > Reassign Candidates.

  2. From the Search Filter channel on the right, select the appropriate School Year and Admissions Staff.

  3. Click View.

  4. For each Candidate result, select the appropriate staff member from the Admissions Staff drop-down.

  5. Click Save & Exit.

RELATED: To customize the "Candidate Assigned" email notification:

  1. Navigate to Enrollment management > Communiccation > Notifications.

  2. From the Category dro-down, select Admissions

  3. Click View.
  4. To the far right of the "Candidate Assigned" notification, click Edit.

  5. Verify that the check-box to the right of Active is checked.
  6. Enter the following information:

    1. Name: Use this field to change the name of the notification.

    2. Active: Un-check this check-box if the notification should never be sent.

    3. Reply E-mail: Enter an email address to which users can reply.

    4. From Name: Enter the name of the sender (e.g. the school’s name).

    5. Placeholders: Use the available placeholders to help personalize the notification.

    6. Subject: Enter a subject line for the notification.

    7. Body: Using the available placeholders, enter the body of the email message.

  7. Click Save & Exit.