1. To add a section to an offered course, nagivate to onCampus > Procedure > Academics > Course Sections.
  2. Expand the department you want to view courses for, and to the far right of the course you want to add a section to, click the Manage Sections button.
  3. On the left hand side of the Manage Sections screen, under existing section, click +Add Section.

(For example, if you have a course that is 4 terms long, and you are currently in your 2nd term - there are not 4 terms remaining to create a section for).

To add a section to a course that is offered for more terms than are left in your school year, you will need to go back to Course Sections:

  1. Go to onCampus > Procedure > Academics > Course Sections.
  2. From the "Term:" drop down, select the term in which the course was originally offered. 
  3. Re-locate your course by expanding your departments.
  4. Click Manage Sections to the right of the course. 
  5. Click +Add Section on left hand side, below any existing sections.

By switching back to the first term the course was offered in, you will be able to add additional sections to the term.