Contact Support with the following information in order to have data remove an attached or submitted application.
  1. Name of the User
  2. User ID
  3. Name of the Application to be removed

If you would like us to attach a different application just let us know which application to attach to the user.

If a constituent has submitted the Application and needs to edit it, send a request to support with the following information: 

  1. Name of the User
  2. User ID
  3. Name of the Application to be unlocked

Our data team can help unlock the application to be edited.

If the Application has not been processed, you can remove the application. Unless the person has started or submitted an application, it won’t show up on the checklist. To remove an application that has not been processed:

  1. Enrollment Management
  2. People Finder
  3. Search the User
  4. Click the Checklist Tab
  5. Scroll down to Applications and Click the Red x to remove the application from the User