To set Password Parameters go to Core > Settings > Security > Password Parameters >

  1. Select the role(s) you would like to set the Parameters for
  2. Select the Password requirements and Save.

Please Note: Any password parameters and/or requirements selected within this task will take effect immediately upon saving. This means that if a user's current password does not meet the requirements specified below, the user will be required to change their password to reflect the new requirements at their next attempt to login.

  • Additionally, in accordance with PCI compliance, all users with access to credit card information will inherit the password requirements listed below, unless the parameter setting(s) for a role the user is a member of is set stronger.
  • Minimum password length of at least 7 alphanumeric characters (must include 1 number)
  • Password must be changed every 90 days
  • New password may not be the same as any of the last 4 passwords used
  • In the case of users who are members of multiple roles with varying password parameters, the strongest combination of parameters will be used to determine their requirements.