To bulk complete Candidate Decisions (Checklist Item and School Decisions):

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management 
  2. Enrollment > Select Bulk Complete Items
  3. Step 1 - Select Item
    1.  Select your filtering criteria for Admissions Staff, Entering year, Entering Grade, Status and Checklist.
    2. In the Checklist Item drop-down, select Decision.
      • NoteThis is assuming you have a checklist step titled "Decision"/for Decisions, and it is tied to the  Checklist Step Type "Decision" as well. If you are unsure which step you have tied to this type, please check your Checklist under onBoard > Settings > Checklist 
    3. Select Next.   
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  1. Step 2: Select Candidates
    1. Select the preferred candidates that you want to bulk complete this for (or, click the Check All link to select all Candidates).
    2. From the Completed/Waived drop down, select if the item is Completed or Waived, and input the Completed/Waived Date. You can use the "Default" fields to set the default for all, or you can set this individually for the candidates you've selected.
    3. Select Next.
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  1. Step 3 - Review
    1. Review all information. If there are any changes that need to be made, click Back to go to the previous steps before continuing. 
    2. Select Save & Next to enter School Decisions, or click Save & Exit to Finish.  
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  1. Step 4:- Add Additional data 
    1. If you selected  Save & Next to enter additional information, you'll fill out the preferred fields:
      • Decision Date (required)
      • Decision (required)
      • Publish Date (optional)
      • Expire Date (optional)
      • Candidate Decision (optional)
      • Candidate Decision Date (optional)
      • Attachment (optional)
      • Comment (optional)
    2. Select Save & Exit
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