• The user can wait 30 minutes and the system will unlock the account automatically, the user will be able to login with their existing credentials.
  • The user can go through the automated sign in help process to request a temporary password.
  • A Platform Manager can unlock the account immediately.

If you wish to unlock the account immediately, go to Core:

  • Click on Edit user profile data under Users
  • Enter search criteria and click Search
  • Click on Edit next to Sign In Information

If the user has been locked, the check box next to Disabled/Locked will be checked. To unlock, uncheck the box and click on Save & Exit.

There are several ways that a user's account can be locked or disabled. Constituents with a locked account are not able to sign in to the community. Constituents accounts can be locked in the following ways:

  • A user has 6 consecutive failed login attempts
  • Upon withdrawing employees or students
  • Upon marking a user as deceased
  • A Platform Manager manually disables the user's account

If a Platform Manager has manually disabled an account, the only way for it to be enabled is if the Platform Manager manually enables it.