Under Core > Settings > Inbox Settings,
messaging is separated into 3 sections and each have independent controls to turn them on and off. 

  • Messaging: By turning off Messaging you will disable the entire Inbox, including Bulk Messaging 
  • Bulk Messaging: You can leave messaging enabled and disable only Bulk Messaging. This will keep users from being able to message groups in bulk to their inboxes. Turning off Bulk Messaging alone will have no effect on "Messaging" or "Bulk Email". (NOTE: Bulk Messaging cannot be enabled if "Messaging" is turned off.)
  • Bulk Email: This feature allows users to populate a list of the email addresses of group members in bulk and gives the option to change the punctuation used to separate the email addresses to accommodate for a variety of email apps/programs.  Bulk email can still be used if Bulk Messaging is disabled.