To manage the settings for your directories:

  1. Go to Core > Content > Directories
  2. Click the pencil button for the specific directory you wish to edit
  3. Edit each tab as desired:
    1. General:
      • Directory Name: The name of the directory as it displays to users from the directories drop down
      • Display First 200 Results: Will show the first 200 results of the directory without requiring a user to search for anything if toggled to YES
      • Display Deceased User: Will prevent any user in the system marked as deceased from displaying if toggled to YES
      • Display Options: Gives multiple display options for the directory, allowing a list or grid view as well as a Map for user addresses
      • Default Display: The default display between List or Grid for when users first navigate to the directory
      • Allow Printing: Enables the Directory report options for this directory, allowing users to generate a print out of the directory (does not include user photos)
    2. Roles
      • Click the +Roles link to pick from the roles in the system you wish the directory to display users of. Example: A Faculty/Staff Directory would have the roles of Teacher, Nurse, Coach, Advisor, Activity Leader, Dorm Supervisor, and Non-Teaching Staff added.
    3. Filters
      Note: Filters will only display up to 20 values, but the search bar can be used to search for any that do not display
      • Click the +Filters link to pick from a list of filters you wish users to be able to access when viewing the directory
      • Filters can be set to sort by Popularity of searches, Ascending Order, and Descending Order
    4. Access
      • Click the +Access link to pick from the roles in the system you wish the directory to be available to: Example: A Faculty/Staff directory that you wants parents to have access to would have the role of Parent added
    1. After applying all desired changes, click Save