WhippleHill will import test scores free of charge (minimum 25 per file).

Please use the Column Names below in your import file. All Items in Bold are required. Attach this file to a new ticket in Case Central and your file will be added to the data queue. You may change the column header labeled user_id (which is Blackbaud's id for the student), or you may change the column heading to host_id and send us the id from your external database for the student

Note:This import can not be used to update existing test score records, nor will it prevent the insertion of duplicate test score records. Please review your file prior to submission.


Column NameRequiredData TypeMax LengthDescription
user_idTRUEintN/AWH assigned unique ID for the candidate/student
firstnameTRUEvarchar50Candidate's First Name - must match exactly to the candidate's first name in onBoard.
lastnameTRUEvarchar50Candidate's Last Name - must match exactly to the candidate's last name in onBoard.
test_dateTRUEdatetime8Date associated with test.  Must be in MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY format.
testTRUEvarchar50Test name - exact match to Test name as set-up in onBoard > Settings > Tests.
test_overall_scoreFALSEreal4Test Overall Score
subtest_descriptionTRUEvarchar50Subtest descriptive name - exact match to sub Test Description as set-up in onBoard > Settings > Tests > Subtest.
subtest_scoreTRUEreal4Subtest Score.
percentileFALSEreal4Subtest Percentile
scaleFALSEreal4Subtest Scale
stanineFALSEreal4Subtest Stanines
subtest_commentFALSEnvarcharN/ASubtest Comment.