Once a student is withdrawn from school, and then their grades are entered, their report card will show "(w)" next to each of their courses to indicate that they have been withdrawn.

If a teacher does not want the (w) to appear on the withdrawn student's report card, there is currently an alternative that can be done to temporarily remove the (w) before submitting the student's report card.

  1. Go to Core > Users> Edit User Profile Data.
  2. Search for and select the student.
  3. Click Student Enrollment under System Information
  4. Select Re-Enroll.
  5. Select the School Year, Enroll Date, and Grade Level.
  6. Click Save & Exit.
  7. Go to onRecord > People Finder.
  8. Search for and select the student.
  9. Select the Enrollment tab.
  10. Click Manage next to the term
  11. Re-enroll student in all 1st term Classes with the original begin date of the term by entering the date and clicking +.
Note: Re-enroll the student into their original class sections
  1. Repeat if needed for other terms. (Multi-term courses should appear in subsequent terms.)
  2. Select the Report Card under the student's Academic Profile.
  3. The (w) is removed and the Report Card can be downloaded as a PDF.
  4. Go to Core > System Tools > Bulk Upload.
  5. Select Manage User Files.
  6. Add a folder for Withdrawn Student Report.
  7. Enter a new File Name for the Report Cards.
  8. Edit the Report Card file.
  9. Select File Access and Publish Dates.
  10. Return to student profile
  11. Add their report card to the folder Withdrawn Student Report > File Name > Report Cards.