To inactivate a Candidate:

  1. Navigate to onBoard.
  2. Go to Process > Enroll/Inactivate.
  3. Select the Inactivate radio button.
  4. Filter for your Candidate, and click Next
  5. To the right of the Candidate(s) you want to Inactivate, select the Inactivate radio button.
  6. Click Next
  7. Select your Inactivation Reason from the drop down for the Candidate(s).
  8. Click Next
  9. Review, and click Save & Exit if the information is correct, or Back to make changes.

During the admissions process a candidate may drop out for a variety of reasons. The Admissions Manager can create a list of these reasons in the Inactivation Reason task under onBoard > Settings > Candidate Profile > Candidate Inactivation Reasons.