A candidate’s special relationship information can be found in the candidate information channel of the admissions profile. 

To add special relationships:

  • From the persona menu, select onBoard

  • Click Special Relationship under Settings, then choose Add

  • Enter Sort Order and Special Relationship

  • Choose Save & Add Another or Save & Exit

The Special Relationship task designates the connection a candidate may have to an individual(s) associated with your school. The Admissions Manager can use the Special Relationship task to create a series of check-boxes for the candidate’s admissions profile.

To add a special relationship to a candidate profile:

  • From the persona menu, select onBoard
  • Use the Find A Candidate Search, or select a candidate from the Recently Viewed/Recently Added tabs
  • On the Connections tab of the candidate profile, click +Add New in the Connections section.
  • Add Connection and save

Here's a list o the Connections you can add:

  • Connection Type: Select if the connection is a relative, or an individual the candidate was referred by.
  • Relationship Type: Select the type of relationship the candidate has to the connection.
  • Special Relationship: Indicate any special relationships to the
  • Name: Connection’s name.
  • Maiden Name: Connection’s maiden name.
  • Dates Attended: The dates during which the connection attended the school.
  • Grad Year: The connection’s graduation year.
  • Comments: Comments regarding this connection.