The reference channel in the admissions profile stores basic information about the types of recommendations a candidate will submit for admission. The Admissions Manager uses the Reference Types task to create options for the reference types dropdown list.

To add reference types:

  • From the persona menu, select onBoard

  • Click Reference Types under Settings

  • Click Add

  • Enter Sort Order (reference types will be listed alphabetically, unless a sort order is given)

  • Enter Reference Type

  • Choose Save & Add Another or Save & Exit

To add references to a candidate’s profile:

  • From the persona menu, select onBoard
  • Use the Find A Candidate Search, or select the candidate from the Recently Viewed/Recently Added tabs
  • On the Record tab of the candidate profile, click Add New in the References section
  • Add a Reference from the dropdown menu and save

Here's a breakdown of what each option refers to:

  • Reference Date: The date the candidate’s reference came in
  • Reference Type: The type of reference (ex. Alumni, Coach, Teacher, etc)
  • Reference Type Detail: Detail on the reference type (ex. if Teacher was selected, detail could include “5th Grade Science”)
  • Checklist Step: Step on the checklist this process is for
  • Checklist Status: Current status of the checklist
  • Reference Name: The name of the reference
  • Length of Relationship: How long the candidate and the reference have known one another
  • Phone Number: Reference’s phone number
  • E-mail Address: Reference’s e-mail address
  • Address Line 1: Reference’s address
  • Address Line 2: Reference’s address
  • City: Reference’s city
  • Country: Reference’s country
  • Province/County: Reference’s province/country
  • Zip: Reference’s zip
  • Attachment: Include attachments
  • Comments: Enter comments pertaining to the reference