During the admissions process, the candidate and candidate’s family typically meet with someone while on campus for an interview. The interview type indicates the type of interview that was conducted.

To add an interview type:

  • From the persona menu, select onBoard

  • Click Interview Types under Settings, then choose Add

  • Enter Sort Order (interview types will appear alphabetically unless a sort order has been given)

  • Enter Interview Type (i.e. face to face, Skype, phone, etc)

  • Choose Save & Add Another, or Save & Exit


To specify the interview type for a candidate on their candidate profile:

  • From the persona menu, select onBoard

  • Use the Find A Candidate Search, or select a candidate from the Recently Viewed/Recently Added tabs

  • On the Record tab of the candidate profile, click +Add New in the Interviews section

  • Add Interview, then click Save.

Here's a list of the details you can add for each interview:

  • Interview Date: Enter date and time of interview
  • Interview Type: From your list of created interview types, select the one appropriate
  • Interviewed By: Select staff member who interviewed the candidate
  • Interviewed  By (other): Other or additional staff that interviewed the candidate
  • Checklist Step: Select which checklist step this process completes (ex. Interview Conducted)
  • Checklist Status: The status of this checklist step. (ex.  Awaiting, Scheduled, Waived, Completed)
  • Rating: The candidate’s rating on a scale of 1 - 5
  • Length: Enter the length of the interview in hours and minutes
  • Rescheduled: Check off if the interview has been rescheduled
  • No Show: Check off if the candidate did not show for their interview
  • Comments: Enter any additional comments here, up to 4,000 characters