To graduate a class and assign the Alumni Role:

  • Navigate to Core > Users > Manage Student Enrollment
  • Select the appropriate School Year from the drop down list.
  • Click the Graduate link for the class you wish to graduate.
  • Click OK to confirm that you want to graduate the class.

Step 1 of 6: Include Past Students and Create Personal Record

  • Select Include Past Students if you want to graduate previously withdrawn students and move them to the Alumni role with the rest of their class.
  • Select Create a personal home phone and address record for the students if you want to un-share student and parent phone numbers and addresses. This process un-links the information so the student phone and address information can be updated independently of the parent information. Once this process is done, it cannot be undone. This is recommended as it will make managing addresses for Alumni easier in the future.
  • Select Next.

Step 2 of 6: Choose Students

Select one of the following for each student, or click Check All if the selection pertains to all of the listed students:

  • Graduate: Select this option if the student is graduating and moving to the Alumni role
  • Repeat: Select this option if the student is repeating the grade
  • Withdraw: Select this option if the student is withdrawing
  • No Change: Select this option if the student's status should not change
  • Select Next

Note: If no students are listed in Step 2, make sure Class has Graduated is not checked

* An asterisk next to a student's name indicates the student is not currently enrolled but is still associated with their original graduation class via the Alumni Affiliation task in the profile. When you graduate these students, they will become members of the Alumni role.

Step 3 of 6: Students to Graduate

  • Enter a Graduation Date for the students
  • Select Effective and enter a date and time to graduate the students in the future or select the Immediately radio button to graduate the students upon saving. 
  • If applicable, update the Host ID
  • Use the Default section to enter same information for all students
  • Select Next

Step 4 of 6: Students to Repeat

  • Verify the student(s) you selected to repeat the grade
  • Select Next

Step 5: Students to Withdraw

  • Enter a Depart Date for the students
  • Select Effective and enter a date and time to withdraw the students in the future or select Immediately to withdraw the students upon saving
  • From the Role dropdown, select if the students should be moved to the Past Candidate, Past Student or Alumni role
  • Select Remove Access if the students should no longer be able to log in
  • Select Graduate with Class if the students are graduating with the class
  • Use the Default section to apply the information to all students
  • Select Next

Step 6 of 6: Review

  • Verify the information from Steps 1-5
  • Click Save & Exit

Since this process will move Students into the Alumni Role,  the student's Parents will automatically be given the Parent of Alumni role.

Note: If you are integrated with Senior Systems, Veracross or PCR, you must complete these processes on those databases before completing the steps outlined below. Otherwise your data will not be accurate and extensive data clean-up will be required.