To create Reasons for Declining:

To add a reason for declining admission:

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Managment.
  2. Select Admissions > Admissions Setup > Candidate Profile Settings.
  3. Select Edit to the right of Reason for Declining.
  4. Enter your Reason for Declining in the "Name" field (i.e. Not enough Financial Aid, Attending different school, etc).
  5. Check off Active if you want this to be an active type.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Repeat this process to add more reasons, or click Save to save and exit.​
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To manually specify the reason for declining on a candidate’s profile:

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management.

  2. Use the People Finder search, or select a candidate from the Find a Candidate or Recently Viewed/Recently Added options on the Home page.

  3. On the Checklist tab of the candidate profile, click +Add New in the Decision block, or click Edit (yellow pencil icon) to edit an existing decision.

  4. Add/Edit Decision:

  • Entering Year: The school year the candidate will be entering.
  • Entering Grade: The grade level the candidate will be entering in to.
  • Decision Date: The date your school made their decision on the candidate.
  • Decision: Select the school's decision on the candidate.
  • Publish Date: The date and time you want your decision to be published to the candidate/family.
  • Expire Date: The date you want your decision to no longer be published to the candidate/family. 
  • Candidate Decision: The candidate’s decision to attend/not attend the school.
    • If the candidate’s decision is “Declined” you will then  be able to enter their reason for declining. Reason for Declining only appears here if the candidate’s decision is “Declined.” 
    • Chosen School: Can select the school the student decided to go to (this data populates from the Transfer/Sending School
  • Candidate Decision Date: The date the candidate made their decision.
  • Attachment: Add an attachment to the candidate’s decision.
  • Comment: Enter any comments regarding the school/candidate’s decision (this is an internal only field - will not be published to candidate) 
  • Save.

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