The Handle Profile Changes task allows Platform Managers to view all data changes made in user profiles. Changes don't have to be handled in order to appear in the profile; handling a profile change means that the Platform Manager acknowledges the change in the database and has made the necessary changes to the school's other databases. WhippleHill recommends running this report frequently to stay current with the changes users make to their profile in the database.

To handle changes:

  • Go to Core 
  • Click Handle Profile Changes
  • Select the role for which you want to view changes. All School returns all changes for all users, or can select a specific role, i.e. Parents
  • Enter the max number of results to view
  • Mark Unhandled (this will return all new changes)
  • Click View in the upper right-hand corner
  • Review changes and click Export to Excel to export the data
  • When finished reviewing the changes, mark them as handled by checking the checkbox next to each user's name or click "check all."
  • Click Handled

Note: Users can review handled changes at any time by selecting the handled radio button, entering a date range, and clicking view.


Users can also view the Profile Changes via the user's record:

  1. Go to Core 
  2. Users > Click  Edit User Profile Data
  3. Search for the preferred  User
  4. Click on the User's Name
  5. Scroll Down to the Bottom left in System Information and select Profile Changes