From the organization's login page, select the Forgot login or First time logging in? link, below the sign in box
  • Enter Email Address (Must be the email address listed in the record)
  • Check the Password box
Select Password
  • Click Send
  • Confirm First Name and Last Name (Must match what is listed in record)User-added image
  • Click Send, do NOT close the browser window.

Note: The user will receive an email containing a confirmation key. This key must be entered in the same window the password was requested. Closing the window will require a new key request.

Email Sample:

"Hello WH User,

We received a request for your password to access the WhippleHill Academy website.

Use the Confirmation Key displayed below to complete the password setting process.

Confirmation Key: Ccw3p8bYNis5

Please note this Confirmation Key is not valid if you have closed the Sign In Help screen displaying the Confirmation Key field. To obtain a new Confirmation Key, you must request your password again.

If you did not request to receive your password, please disregard this e-mail."