I just did a data refresh to pull in new, incoming students and parents. I am ready to enable these users to log in. What now? 

Completing the "Parents, Students and Relations" Data Refresh does not bulk assign temporary passwords for these new users. You can use the Bulk Upload Temporary Passwords task in order to complete the process of preparing your new users to sign in for the first time. 

Note: New users who have not yet been assigned a password, are able to retrieve one without a temporary password. See: How does a user obtain a user password if the school hasn't provided one?

How to Bulk Upload Temp Passwords:

1. Create a .csv file that contains the temp_password and user_id column headers. Use the Students without Passwords list template and edit it for each role. 

2. Go to Core

3. Select System tools > Bulk upload

4. Choose Bulk upload temp passwords

5. Browse for the file

6. Click Next

7. Review any errors or warnings. Errors are problems with the User ID or file, a warning will appear if a user already has a password. Check to override this warning and overwrite the password.

8. Click Save & Exit