When this error pops up, you must add more years to the system in order for the student to be enrolled.

For example, if you have a student who is enrolling in 2014-2015 in Junior Kindergarten, they will most likely be graduating in 2027-2028. If you do not have the years 2027-2028 set up in the system, this student will not be able to be enrolled until you add those years.

To add years, go to:

  • Core > School > Years & Terms
  • Select Add
  • Choose the school year label (i.e. 2027-2028)
  • Begin school year (i.e. 8/1/2027)
  • End school year (i.e. 7/31/2028)
  • Save & close

You can go back to enrolling the student and the now the system should allow them to enroll.