Platform Managers can upload user photos individually or in bulk.

To bulk upload user photos:

  1. Create a .csv file that contains the photofilename and userid column headers. You can export a list of user IDs using the Users without Photos or Users with Photos list template.
  2. Go to Core.
  3. Go to System Tools > Bulk Upload
  4. Click Bulk Upload User Photo 
  5. Click Upload Photos
  6. Click Upload file and select the preferred file 
  7. Click Validate
  8. Click Upload.
  9. Review any errors.
  10. Click Save & Process.
  11. View the job status on the main Bulk Upload User Photo screen. It's complete when the status is "processed." Clicking the process link opens a detail page with job details.

Note: User photos will be scaled down (but the file will not be resized) to 260px wide in order display in the contact card. If photos are smaller than 260px wide, a white mat will appear behind the photo. To keep the same aspect ratio as Podium, use the dimensions 347px x 260px

Uploading new photos updates any existing photos.

 When creating the file, the file name must be identical to the name of the photo. If the file names do not match exactly, the system will not be able to identify the records that the photos should map to.