Currently the only way to add a grade or Incomplete or Withdrawn for a course is to add the grade as a Transfer Grade. Then on the Transcript you want to be sure to display Transfer Grades.

 From onRecord > Procedure > Grading > Manage Grades

  • Search for the student
  • Grades & Credits - Transfer
  • Add Transfer Course. Do not select a Grade Category so you may enter the "I" as the grade

To prevent the course from appearing twice on the transcript, once the transfer course is added, the student should be dropped.

This can be done by going to onCampus > People > Academics > Course Roster

  • Search for the course
  • Edit
  • selecting "Drop" for the appropriate student.

Make sure you include Transfer Grades on your Transcript.

Note: If the above steps have been performed and the dropped courses are still appearing on the transcript, ensure no Term Grades (T) are entered for the courses. Once the grades the transcript is attempting to pull are removed, the duplicates should disappear.