If your Pushpage issue was sent out, and bounced with the error: Description: smtp;554 Transaction failed: Illegal content, one reason for this is if content was copied and pasted directly into the Pushpage.

When inserting images, files, etc. you want to make sure you do this by going to:

  1. From the menu in the upper left select School Website or Core.
  2. Navigate to Communication > PushPage > PushPage Issues.
  3. Locate the issue you want to insert content into, and click Edit to the far right of the PushPage title.
  4. Click the Edit link in the region of the PushPage you would like to add content to.
  5. From the Insert drop down, select the content you would like to add to the region.
  6. Once you select the content you want to insert, a window will pop up to make your selections. Select the Available content, Display Options, and Click-Thru Types that apply.
  7. Click Apply in the upper right corner.


Also, be sure to use the "Paste as Plain Text" option when copying/pasting text into your PushPage to be sure that no extra/unseen HTML comes into the PushPage.