The workaround is to create either a cloned Platform Manager role OR give the Non-Teaching Staff role and set up profile publish access for the candidate to the non-teaching staff role.

Once the non-teaching staff role has been given to the user:
  1. Go to Core > Settings > Profile > Profile Publish Access
  2. Select Candidate from the drop down
  3. Select Edit
  4. Mark the check box across from Non-Teaching Staff role > Save
  5. Select Candidate to Non-Teaching Staff 
  6. Select Edit
  7. Mark the Candidate fields to be published for the non-teaching staff to view
  8. Select Save & Confirm > Confirm
This will allow the non-teaching staff role to view the candidate's contact card and if they have the ReEnrollment Manager, Admissions Staff or Admissions Manager role, the user will be able to see the contact card information selected in the onBoard candidate record.

The other alternative is to clone the Platform Manager Role and give access to the following:
How do I create a clone of a role?
  • School & Grade Levels: View Grade Level
  • School Years & Terms: Edit School Year
  • Transferring/Sending Schools (Add/Edit/Delete)
  • Edit User Profile Data (Main Profile Fields)
  • Ethnicity Types (Add/Delete/Edit)
  • Potential Duplicate Users
  • Religion Types (Add/Delete/Edit)
  • Remove User
  • User Photo