To create a monitoring team for comments and official notes:

  1. Select OnRecord > Settings > Comments > Monitoring Team > Add
  2. Add a Sort Order if needed and a title for the team in the Description box.
  3. You will see a check box for E-Mail Access and Approval Access. Selecting E-Mail Access will send the monitoring team an email when a new comment that they have access to is added. Selecting Approval Access will give the team access to approve or deny comments added.
  4. Under Members you will add the user(s) by searching for their name or searching by role. Once you have found the desired users, click on their name and then click Add to Group.
  5. Under Comment Types, you will select what comments the team will have access to by choosing a type and grade level from the lists. Then, click on the Comment Type and click Add Access to add to the team.
  6. The comment will then appear in a list underneath Existing Access. Here you will be able to select a specific grade level that the team will have access to.