To create a monitoring team for comments and official notes:

  1. Go to Academics 
  2. Communication > Click  Official Notes 
  3. Click Official notes monitoring team  
  4. Click Add
User-added image

  1. Under Monitoring team, enter the preferred Sort Order and Description. 
  2. Mark the  option for Email Access and/or Approval Access based on preference 
    • Selecting E-Mail Access will send the monitoring team an email when a new comment that they have access to is added.
    • Selecting Approval Access will give the team access to approve or deny comments added.
  3. Under Members,  add the user(s) by searching for their name or searching by role > Click on their name > Click Add to Group.
  4. Under Comment Types,  select what comments the team will have access to by choosing a type and grade level from the lists. > Click on the Comment Type > click Add Access to add to the team.
    • The comment will then appear in a list underneath Existing Access. In this area, users will be able to select a specific grade level that the team will have access to.