These pages allow you to display details for each specific team. 


Team Detail:

  • Team Coach
  • Team Description
  • Team Roster
  • Team Schedule
  • Team Statistics


Creating a Detail Page 

Detail pages can be found School Website:

  • School Website
    • Website
      • (Your Site)
        • Detail Pages

In addition to team details, you can display content types that either use a specific content category (e.g. a category called "General Sports Photos") that will show on all your Team Detail pages, or you have the option to display the content type specifically from that Extracurricular Team Page (which is usually managed by your coaches for that particular sport). 

Content Types that can display content from the Extracurricular Team Page default to "Display Team [content type] (no category):

  • Announcements
  • Audio
  • Downloads
  • Links
  • News
  • Photos
  • Text
  • Videos