1. 1. Go to onRecord > Settings > Grading > Grade Plans > Edit Grade Plan Details > Options to check calculation formula.
  2. Sometimes a teacher will use their own formula, but input the grade manually, which may be a reason it does not match the numeric grades or letter grades in the Grade Translation.

There are several places teachers enter grades:

  • Grade Book in their class dashboard
  • onRecord > Procedure > Manage Grades
  • onRecord > Procedure > Record Grades

The grades should all match in each of these sections. 

If teachers enter grades as Letter Grades but you are trying to calculate the numeric value check the translation table. The letter grade will translate into a numeric equivalent and that is the value that is used to calculate the numeric grade. If no equivalent has been entered the grade will default to the maximum. This occurs mainly when calculating using Report Card Grades.

To check the Translation table go to

1. onRecord > Settings > Grading > Grade Translation
2. Select the drop down by the translation table to view the maximum, minimum and numeric equivalent.