Create an Annual Fund Category:
  1. From the persona menu, select onMessage.
  2. Click Content Types under Web Site.
  3. Click Annual Fund.
  4. Click Add New Category and enter the following information:
    1. Description: the name of the category, this should be specific as it will help you to identify the content within this category in the future.
    2. Preview URL: use this optional field to populate the URL of the page on which this content exists. This may help you locate the content in the future.
Update Annual Fund Numbers:
  1. From the persona menu, select onMessage.
  2. Click Content Types under Web Site.
  3. Click Annual Fund.
  4. Click the Edit link next to the category you want to update.
  5. Enter the following information, all fields are optional, and each field that is populated will display on the site:
    • Goal Amount: Use this field for total amount that you'd like to raise.
    • Current Amount: Use this field for the total amount that you've raised to date.
    • Last Year Amount: Use this field for the total amount that you raised last year.
    • Participation Goal (%): Percentage of your community that you would like to donate.
    • Participation Current (%): Percentage of your community that have donated to date.
    • Participation Last Year (%): Percentage of the community that donated last year. 
    • As of Date: Date of information. 
    • Start Date: Fundraising begin date. 
    • End Date: Fundraising end date. 
    • Long Description: Use this field to enter text for the annual fund, depending on your display options, this will appear above the annual fund.