Using the Grade Access task, Grade Book Managers can determine if constituents can view students’ grade book grades.

Grade Book Managers can require that teachers publish their grade books, or they can give teachers the ability to decide for themselves if their grade books are published (teachers can publish/unpublish each class' grade book in the grade book display options).  

The following groups can have access to view students’ grade book grades: 

  • Advisors: this group allows advisors to view their own advisees’ grade book grades.
  • All School Advisors: this group allows all users with the advisor role to view all students’ grade book grades.
  • Dorm Supervisors: this group allows all users with the dorm supervisor role to view all students’ grade book grades.
  • Parents: this group allows parents to view their own children’s grade book grades.
  • Students: this group allows students to view their own grade book grades.
  • Coaches: this group allows coaches to view the students on their team's grade book grades.

To establish the grade book access, the following steps must be repeated for each school level and marking period:

  1. From the persona menu, select Academics.
  2. Select Grades > Grading Setup.
  3. Click Gradebook Settings.
  4. Select the appropriate school year and school level.
  5. Click The Ellipses Button next to the appropriate marking period and the Edit Marking Period.
  6. For each group, select to either Set Access Globally or Have Teachers Set Access.
  7. If Set Access Globally is selected, choose one of the options from the dropdown menu for both Cumulative Gradebook Grades and Assignments Grades. If Have Teachers Set Access is selected, then the teacher will be able to choose theses settings in their individual Gradebook setup. 
  8. Click Save