To resolve this:

  1. onRecord > Procedure > Manage Grades and remove all of the grades for one of duplicated sections for that Student.
  2. onCampus > People > Academics > Manage Enrollment and drop the section grades were deleted from as a Scheduling Error. This will remove the course record.

To get the correct credits to display on the transcript you can:

  • Manually change the Credits Earned/Attempted via onRecord > Procedure > Manage Grades


  • add the additional section as a transfer grade through onRecord > Procedure > Manage Grades > Grades & Credits- Transfer > View > Edit.

The other option is to change the credits in Core > School > Departments & Courses > Course Title > adjust the credits to half the amount (if they were worth 1 they will now be worth .50)

Please Note: Editing the credits manually will cause the changes to reflect on the Transcript (this also changes historically for all users with credits from this course). For future years, it would be best to create duplicate courses if a student is going to be in 2 sections within the same term. Set the courses up as individual courses ex. Course A, Course B, Course C this way there are not duplicate credits created.