Inquiry form entering years are controlled via onBoard

  • Settings
  • Inquiry
  • Admissions Inquiry Forms
  • Click into Edit across from Field Display Properties 
  • Under the Entering Year field, you'll see a list of potential years built out via "Allow as Inquiry/Admission Reporting Year" in Core
  • Place a check mark next the years that you want to display on the inquiry form
  • Save and Exit

NOTE:  When viewing the inquiry form while logged in as a Platform Manager, ALL entering years will display regardless of whether they are checked or not.  Log out and view the inquiry form as an outsider would and only the years you've selected will display. 


To add to the options of potential years that you can check to display on the Inquiry form, go to

  • Core
  • School
  • Years & Terms
  • Select the appropriate year from the drop down
  • Edit
  • Allow as Inquiry/Admission Reporting Year, select YES
  • Click Save & Close