• Confirm that the Pushpage issue was sent through School Website > Communication > Pushpage > Pushpage Jobs
    If it was sent to 0 users, this indicates an issue with the Distribution Group
  • Confirm that the issue was sent to the user(s) in question through Core> Users > Edit User Profile Data > Search & Select User > Pushpage Job History
  • If the user was not sent the issue, confirm:
    • If the user is being pulled into the Distribution Group
    • If the user has opted out of Pushpages from that distribution groups, or all bulk email
    • If the user has an email and it is not marked as Bad
  • If the user was sent the issue, have the user check his/her Spam folder, and confirm that the school's Pushpage domain is not being blocked

For individual users experiencing issue:

  • Verify that the email address is the user’s profile is correct
  • BBCS maintains a “suppression list.” It is used only for people reporting email as "Spam" through the feedback loop program. You can remove email addresses accidentally added to the suppression by having the user send an email to unblockme@blackbaud.com from the suppressed email address.

  • If parents have trouble receiving messages, they may need to add these to their email software as "safe senders" or to a whitelist. These domains should be whitelisted at your school so staff and parents can receive emails correctly:

    • myschoolnotifications.com

    • myschoolemails.com

    • myschoolapp.com

  • Request that the user temporarily replace their email address in the system with a different one
  • For large groups, such as the entire school or an entire domain (i.e. all Gmail emails) experiencing the issue, please contact Blackbaud K12 Support with examples